25 January 2007

Busy stitching

Just finished another logo square for the OECS, have started on Ruth's xmas rr piece. should not take me long to complete. Have also today ordered more thread for the Bearing gifts kit that I am doing, ran out of a couple of colours before christmas so once they have arrived can get back to that one.
Have nearly completed all the outstanding round robins so will be able to get back to my own stitching, WIPs Bearing Gifts and Roadster Santa, also wanting to start Mirabilia's Summer Queen. Can I cope with three projects on the go???? Will keep you all updated on progress of stitching

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Anonymous said...

Cheer someone up who doesn't feel well. Wearing a flannel robe with hankie, and adorable fuzzy slippers, teddy bears will be a companion in good times and bad.