09 November 2008

Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch - by Lavender Wings

05 October 2008

three finishes

Have finished stitching these which are ready to be made into ornaments

Finished pic

Have finally added the beads and framed this for Natalie. I decided to stretch it over a canvas frame and then add a border of ribbon around the edges

This is our on going project at home

We are building this log cabin for a games room Pool table, dart board also I will use it to stitch in during the warmer days.

14 September 2008


My Hubby Andy stitched this for his cousin Zoe wedding to Craig on the 13th September 2008

Two recent finishes

Have not been around for a while have started work again after 20 years, only part time but it has taken some getting used to. I have stitched these 2 pieces in the past few weeks. Have done a few other bits but will nee to take some pics

25 June 2008

25th wedding anniversary present

we were given some money for our 25th wedding anniversary and decided t put it towards this bench

16 April 2008

Not been around much

Well have not posted on my blog for a while now, have been stitching a few small item. I will post pictures of soon. We have been without the computer for a week then the internet decided not to work (new modem required). In the mean time I now have a part time job which seems to be going well, nearly finished a two week full time trial and then next week start part time. seems very strange after nearly 20 years not working other than being a housewife and mother.
Well that's all the news for all. Will keep posting with stitching items soon

27 March 2008


Bought this at the weekend for the garden. Both my daughter and myself says it is so much like my hubby LOL

20 March 2008


Have just this minute finished this piece. I have really enjoyed stitching this one -

02 March 2008

Wreath for all seasons update

Ive not posted an update on this piece for a while as I have been stitching a few other smaller projects. I just love the colours on this piece

24 February 2008

Winter Wonderland

Decided I needed a break from larger projects so stitched this. I love the colours on this piece. It's from Cinnamon Cat collection

Stitched by Andy

This piece was stitched by my hubby Andy. It was taken from a Art Deco book. He decided to stitch it on 28 count evenweave one over one. Which I think gives an overall delicate finish.

17 February 2008


Finished letter I

15 February 2008

AOY Alphabet

I have joined three other ladies and we are stitching the AOY Alphabet each of us is stitching 2 letters I have already started mine. Heres a pic of the finished letter

Exchange Pic

I have stitched this for an exchange which is not due to be posted until June. But wanted to get ahead of myself. Sorry for the blurred picture but I cannot let on what I have stitched in case my partner read this blog

29 January 2008

well I've now lost 8 lbs as you can see from my ticker at the top of the page. The weight loss is over 2 weeks . I have a long way to go but each pound I lose is in the right direction.

Other than that there's not alot to say I'm still stitching on the summer wreath and cannot put it down to stitch on anything else. I have also joined another groups called christmas ornament SAL (you can find the link to this site in the link section).


22 January 2008

wreath for all season update

Have stitched this so far

20 January 2008

Started in my health kick

Well one of my new year resolutions was to lose weight. I did weigh myself and boy did I get a shock!!!!!!!!!!!! well I;ve not stuck to a diet plan this week but have watched what I have eaten wrote everything down and cut out all goodies although yesterday I did have a bag of crisps, which I did not enjoy that much.
Been filling up on loads of fruit, veg and salad, drinking at least 8 glasses of water. I weighed myself this am and I;ve lost 5 lbs great start. I've even done some excercise which helps.

Long way to go but it's a start in the right direction. My incentive is that we have a wedding to go to in September and I want to be able to buy something really nice to wear.

I will add my weight lose each week

10 January 2008


Opps forgot to say that I also have the wreath for all seasons to finish along with the other.

Plus have joined a cute and cuddly exchange with crazyxstitcher but that's not due out until the end of June.

09 January 2008

Not posted in a while

Sorry it's been so long in leaving any messages. So I hope you all had a good christmas and a happy new year. Things are back to normal now in this household. Hubby back and work and daughter back at college, although she only has a few months before she leaves. she has applied for university and hoping to study zoology. As for my stitching I have only recently picked it back up, I think I was all stitched out before christmas. I did stitch on this bag which my friend sent me for christmas.

Stitching plans for this year are

  1. 1. Summer Queen (just some beading to do)

  2. 2. Roadster Santa (WIP)

I am going to start the winter wonderland chart (see Pic) Have no other plans to start anything but watch this space LOL