31 May 2007

RR cushion cover

I have just finished stitching this piece for a round robin cusion cover. I designed the border etc myself and each square to be filled in by other members.

29 May 2007

Another finished piece

Just finished this for an open theme round robin. It's from the RSPCA perfect pets collection

27 May 2007

Wannabee Bear

Just finished this piece as an extra for a friend in a round robin group

23 May 2007

Two Finished Birthday Card

Completed these two cards yesterday, needed a break from the bead work on summer queen

19 May 2007

Summer queen update

Well have done all the cross stitching and a little of the back stitch mainly around her face and shoulders. Will finish off the back stitch this weekend and start on the beading.

09 May 2007

Another Summer Queen update

Summer Queen - 9th May

02 May 2007

Summer Queen update

Here's the lastest update on summer queen

New post

Sorry I've not posted in a while. Have been very usy here organising my youngest daughters 18th Birthday party which I had at home for 50 guests. Also been busy catching up on round robins.