31 October 2007

Gift I sent to Celia

Here are the gifts that I sent to Celia for the Halloween exchange. I am quite pleae with myself as I made the bag from scratch

Halloween exchange

Received this from a lovely lady Celia in Tewkesbury for Halloween exchange

30 October 2007

Wreath for all seasons

stitched this so far. I am just loving the colours on this one

28 October 2007

New piece started

I've started this new piece, There are no pictures of progress so far but will add one soon.

27 October 2007

More Ornaments

Have stitch three more ornaments and have made boxes for them all to go in. One of which is at the top.

19 October 2007

15 October 2007

Three more christmas ornaments

Have just finished these three christmas ornaments I even made the tuck pillows myself. Made six small flat tuck pillows on Saturday

11 October 2007

Golden Wedding Card

Have just completed this card

Christmas Towels

Have just finished these.

05 October 2007

Three christmas ornaments

Have made these ornaments up. But must admit that I did not make the tuck pillows. They were made by a good friend.

My first biscornu

I thought I would havea go at making a biscornu, I;ve seen a number of these made on other blogs. It turned out bigger than I thought so the next one will be a smaller design. Not bad I must say for the first attempt. Picture shows the back and the front of the design.