12 December 2006

Brandon Lee from 'The Crow'

This is a stitched piece that my husband has done, it is of Brandon Lee who starred in The Crow films who sadly died onset. The piece is actually half of the original chart size as my hubby decided to stitch it on 32 count fabric and stitched it one over one. This piece is for his brother who is a crow fan.

09 December 2006

Christmas Cushion

Christmas Cushion was crossed stitched by Natalie by youngest daughter and I made the cushion up for her. Well there are no updates on the Roadster santa,although I have stitched a little more then the previous picture but have not stitched for over a week. But will pick it up soon

01 December 2006

Christmas Card exchange

Heres a christmas card from a secret stitcher that I received today.

27 November 2006

New Project started

Have started this piece now, It's called Roadster Santa.


Just finished this for my neighbours teenage lad. It's part of his christmas present.

Yes he does play the drums but luckily he uses pads on them so the noise is down to a minimum

14 November 2006

Elephant square

Another square completed for the OECS

13 November 2006

OECS Squares

Just completed thes square for the OECS project


08 November 2006

Not posted in a while

I've been so busy of late that I have not had time to post, we've been busy in the garden and I have had a few round robins to complete. I've just finished another christmas piece.

18 August 2006

Part one of the 12 days of christmas complete

Part one complete A Partridge in a pear tree

14 August 2006

12 Days of Christmas

Here is the start of a Sal with my stitching pal Eileen in Canada. I just love the Margaret Sherry designs.


13 August 2006

Birth Sampler

Just completed this birth sampler from EMS designs. It is for my friend Brian's first grand-daughter.

02 August 2006

This is the very first piece my eldest daughter has stitched, before she always said she could not do it. Just hope that she does not get the stitching bug, if she does she will need to buy her own stash, MY STASH IS MINE !!!!! LOL

Three Pictures which have just come back from the framers

31 July 2006

Hitching a Ride

Yet another christmas Piece. This one if from Waxing Moon Designs

26 July 2006


Completed this piece for my daughter Natalie she loves bags!!!

18 July 2006

Another completed Round robin

Here a picture of another rr group that I was involved with, this one was an evenweave project. Thanks to Kim, Yvla & Susie

06 June 2006

Door Banner

Finished the door Banner this one is a present for an aunt for christmas, but will give it to her before so that she can have it on display. This piece was very quick and easy to stitch.

This is a picture of a complete round robin piece - Christmas Cheer. I stitched the border and the stocking and my hubby stitched the dragon. Then I posted it onto my friends who then had to find and chose a picture to stitch, so I when I recieved it back it was a surprise.

I love stitching christmas pictures.

Many thanks to my stitching pals
Julie - Reindeer
Kathy Bear
Geraldine - Santa
Kerry - Mouse
Amanda - Presents

Happy stitching


Not posted in a while

Sorry not posted in a while but have been busy decorating then we took a last minute holiday to Florida, only problem is I am ready for another holiday, we've only been back about 5 weeks and it seems like a life time away. I have been busy stitching since I got back and will be posting some pictures. The project at them moment is a Dandelion stitched on linen. My girls have been off from college and have hogged the computor so not been able to get on much (only to send and reply to emails). Well must go and take some pictures of a couple of piece that I have finished.

Happy stitching all


08 March 2006


Well sorry not posted for a while but have been busy decorating, now waiting for my brother to come and plaster the ceiling, came last weekend but he was out gritting the roads so I sent him home as he was so tired. The living room looks such a mess but will be worth it in the end, have everything now order apart from the new TV.

As for my stitching I have been busy on that as well, have completed a couple of rr's which I have forgot to take pictures of apart from this one. (Jane's Mr Men) Such fun to stitch. I stitched it in one day, the reason being was that I was due at the dentist and needed something to take my mind of it. (Am petrified of the dentist, ok with checkup but not treatment)

Am busy stitching the door bow as well as stitching on my bearing gifts.

Have bought a couple of kits off ebay today, on of a Santa which I got for 59p yes 59p lol, and another door bow which I got for £3.84 not bad going, altogether with postage from the US it has cost me £6.93. Great bargain for kits.

Well enough for now.

23 February 2006

Birthstone Fairies

Have just completed this birthstone fairies picture, this was part of a round robin that I was in a few years ago. It came back to me without one of the fairies being completed. So I have stitched anothr fairie to complete. Both this item and the seasonal angels have been put onto ebay.

13 February 2006

Just finished my four seasons RR piece.

08 February 2006

Well have stitched a little bit more on the bearing gifts. I can see the end now. Have the rest of the borders to stitched and then the back stitching. At last Santa has come alive.

RR - Four seasons

Well yesterday I received back my four seasons rr piece. Unfortunately I have to finish the piece off. Cindy did not stitch as she was ill, Ulla's piece i have the backstitching to do which I knew about. Karina's piece was sent back unfinished, but have nearly finished that piece already. Karina kindly sent me a kit for not being able to stitch the piece. Will update with a picture when complete. Have decided that this piece I am going to place on ebay.


06 February 2006

Weekend I've felt really under the weather, have had a stinking headache so not much stitching done (even a headache cannot stop me lol)
Finish a picture for a calendar RR that I am in.

30 January 2006

New Project

Well have decided that this is going to be my next project to stitch for a christmas present, will be stitching this along side the Bearing gifts. I know yet another snowman lol

Snowman Banner finished

Well I have completed the snowman banner. I know that it was stitched quick but I am very lucky that I don't work and so am able to stitch quite abit. Even in the evening I can still stitch for 4/5 hours at a time.
I can stitch pretty quick especially when it's a picture I love ie Snowmen LOL

29 January 2006

Snowman Banner update

I have neraly finished the snowman banner just have to back stitching to do which I hope to get done today or tomorrow.

24 January 2006


Hi all

I am trying to adapt my site but struggling to do it. Would like to add more links ie Blogs I read which I notice that a few people have. Can you tell me how to do this. I have never created a web page or anything like it before.



Bearing gifts

Picture of Bearing gifts

This is a photo of the completed bearing gifts. As you can see I have not much more to stitch. Hopefully get it finished this year. Will keep an update on my progress.

Snowman Banner

This is the snowman banner that I am stitching on at the moment.

The left is what the finished piece will look like and the right is what has been stitched so far.

Bearing gifts UFO - a piece I am trying to finish been stitch it on and off now for about 2 years

Cross stitching

Have started stitching for Christmas 2006, decided that I must start early as last year I had good intentions to stitch lots of christmas presents but as always left it too late.
First I am finishing off a piece that I started about 2 years ago called Bearing Gifts from Dimensions Gold collection, which I intend on giving to someone for christmas (better not say who it is for as they might see lol)

In between finishing that off I am stitching a small banner of snowmen, plus any round robins I have come my way.
Hugs sue