28 March 2007

Clear out!!!!!!!!

Well I have decide to have a clear out of charts that I have used or will not stitch. Have added them on ebay finger crossed that they sell. Will be sorting out stitch items as well to place on there. I love stitching them but do not always have the right place to put them.

ebay ID is xstitchcrazyderby if anyone would like to take a look

26 March 2007

New Pet

Here is a picture of Natalie's new pet she is a Netherland dwarf rabbit called 'disney'. she is wearing her harness as Natalie was just taking her for a walk in the garden

22 March 2007

Archie Bear

I have just finished this piece for another RR

18 March 2007

Crafty Cat

Just finished this piece called Crazy Cat by Margaret Sherry. This one is for a open rr. Have asked everyone to stitch a square something that they like or is appropriate to them, when all squares returned will make them into a quilt for me.

07 March 2007

Have been naughty !!!!!!!!

Well I did promise myself I would not signup for anymore Round Robins this year, but I have been tempeted, I know this is very naughty of me but I cannot resist them. So I must get some stitching done now, have not stitched for the past three days as I have had a fuzzy head. I have started drinking decaf coffee and I am wondering if it is the lack of caffeine for the heads??
I do drink rather alot of coffee.
Well what have I to stitch this year, here goes...............................

xmas rr (which is nearly finished)
evenweave RR (nearly finished)
calendar rr (which I signed up for last year and as yet not started not enough members joined as yet)
Open theme RR (just signed up for)
Open Theme RR (just signed up for wth crazystitcher)
Roadster santa (WIP already started)
Summer Queen (WIP already started)
Wedding Sampler (Not started yet)
Margeret Sherry 12 days of christmas (SAL but put on hold for a while)

I thinks that's all, well for now that is LOL

03 March 2007


Well Andy's gone off to Great Yarmouth this weekend to be a referee for the inter county championship pool, so have been left all on my own with my youngest daughter. Eldest daughter has been staying at her boyfriends. So this morning Natalie and I decided to head off to the zoo, not been for a long time. Natalie was working there for three weeks last year as part of her Animal Management course. We had a lovely time the weather was lovely and warm although a little muddy under foot as it had rained during the night. I just wish I could bring the Meerkats and Otters home along with the apes well would love to own them all they are so cute. Twycross the zoo we went to has undergone a transformation since I last went and is looking great with new enclosures for the animals. Will have to visit again in the summer.