23 February 2006

Birthstone Fairies

Have just completed this birthstone fairies picture, this was part of a round robin that I was in a few years ago. It came back to me without one of the fairies being completed. So I have stitched anothr fairie to complete. Both this item and the seasonal angels have been put onto ebay.

13 February 2006

Just finished my four seasons RR piece.

08 February 2006

Well have stitched a little bit more on the bearing gifts. I can see the end now. Have the rest of the borders to stitched and then the back stitching. At last Santa has come alive.

RR - Four seasons

Well yesterday I received back my four seasons rr piece. Unfortunately I have to finish the piece off. Cindy did not stitch as she was ill, Ulla's piece i have the backstitching to do which I knew about. Karina's piece was sent back unfinished, but have nearly finished that piece already. Karina kindly sent me a kit for not being able to stitch the piece. Will update with a picture when complete. Have decided that this piece I am going to place on ebay.


06 February 2006

Weekend I've felt really under the weather, have had a stinking headache so not much stitching done (even a headache cannot stop me lol)
Finish a picture for a calendar RR that I am in.