30 January 2007

Tiger on Rock - stitched by Andy

This piece was stitched by my hubby Andy. His next project is Lavender and Lace 'The Wedding for his cousin.

29 January 2007

New Car

Hubby's new company car arrived today, he was sad to see his Renault Megane go. He's now driving around in a Black Citreon C4 (Exclusive model) Well it's all singing and dancing. Just hope he lets me have a drive as I am currently driving an L reg Nissan Micra. No complaints though it's a lovely little car (cheap tax, cheap insurance and cheap to run).

Feeling a little sad

Well I'm feeling a little sad today so not much stitching done. It's 30 years since my dad passed away. It seems like only yesterday, and I still miss him. Well enough said !!!!!!!!!!

summer Queen

Hsve started Summer Queen and this is what I have stitched so far.

28 January 2007

Update on Roadster Santa

Here's an update on Roadster Santa. I am going to start Mirabilia Summer Queen sometime today. So will give an update on her maybe tomorrow if I do happen to start.

26 January 2007

Another RR piece completed

This piece was stitched for Ruth's xmas RR, I only stitched the two sheep

25 January 2007

Busy stitching

Just finished another logo square for the OECS, have started on Ruth's xmas rr piece. should not take me long to complete. Have also today ordered more thread for the Bearing gifts kit that I am doing, ran out of a couple of colours before christmas so once they have arrived can get back to that one.
Have nearly completed all the outstanding round robins so will be able to get back to my own stitching, WIPs Bearing Gifts and Roadster Santa, also wanting to start Mirabilia's Summer Queen. Can I cope with three projects on the go???? Will keep you all updated on progress of stitching

23 January 2007

Two RR piece finished

Have just completed thes two rr pieces The summer one is for Ylva and the other for Kim

22 January 2007


Well did not do alot over the weekend apart from sort the garden out after the storms. Needed some new fencing which now needs to be stained.

Have finished another RR piece (Kim's evenweave piece), and have started on Yvlas evenweave piece. Have one more rr in my pile plus a logo square to do for the OECS project and then maybe I can start on something of my own. Need to get on with Roadster Santa, I also want to start Mirabilia's Summer Queen for and Aunts 60th birthday present. Have until the end of may to get it completed. Would also like to finish this year my Bearing Gifts which has been an ongoing project for the past 3 years. I need to email dimensions for some more thread as I have ran out of 3 colours.

well off to town today with mum, and then shopping at asda and then back to the stitching

18 January 2007

RR piece complete

Completed this piece or Janaina xmas round robin piece

14 January 2007

Another OECS floral square

Here's the lastof three squares for the OECS floral quilt

13 January 2007

Floral Square (OECS)

Another Floral square for the OECS quilt

12 January 2007

Floral Square (OECS)

Completed this one today

11 January 2007

Turtle (OECS square)

Last of the six sea animal squares for the OECS quilt

08 January 2007


This is a picture of Natalie's new pet, he's called Jack and is a crested gecko.

06 January 2007

Sea Horse (OECS square)

Another OECS square

04 January 2007

Gift Card for OECS

Gift Card for OECS

Yellow Fish (OECS square)

another one stitched

02 January 2007

Starfish (OECS square)

Stitched this one today

OECS squares

Here are two more squares I have stitched these are for a sea animal qulit. Have not stitched for about 2 weeks but decided on new years eve to get back into it. So on new years eve I stitched the seal and new years day stitched the dolphin.

Another Christmas Cushion

This cushion was made by my eldest daughter Louise for her Aunt and Uncle