30 January 2006

New Project

Well have decided that this is going to be my next project to stitch for a christmas present, will be stitching this along side the Bearing gifts. I know yet another snowman lol

Snowman Banner finished

Well I have completed the snowman banner. I know that it was stitched quick but I am very lucky that I don't work and so am able to stitch quite abit. Even in the evening I can still stitch for 4/5 hours at a time.
I can stitch pretty quick especially when it's a picture I love ie Snowmen LOL

29 January 2006

Snowman Banner update

I have neraly finished the snowman banner just have to back stitching to do which I hope to get done today or tomorrow.

24 January 2006


Hi all

I am trying to adapt my site but struggling to do it. Would like to add more links ie Blogs I read which I notice that a few people have. Can you tell me how to do this. I have never created a web page or anything like it before.



Bearing gifts

Picture of Bearing gifts

This is a photo of the completed bearing gifts. As you can see I have not much more to stitch. Hopefully get it finished this year. Will keep an update on my progress.

Snowman Banner

This is the snowman banner that I am stitching on at the moment.

The left is what the finished piece will look like and the right is what has been stitched so far.

Bearing gifts UFO - a piece I am trying to finish been stitch it on and off now for about 2 years

Cross stitching

Have started stitching for Christmas 2006, decided that I must start early as last year I had good intentions to stitch lots of christmas presents but as always left it too late.
First I am finishing off a piece that I started about 2 years ago called Bearing Gifts from Dimensions Gold collection, which I intend on giving to someone for christmas (better not say who it is for as they might see lol)

In between finishing that off I am stitching a small banner of snowmen, plus any round robins I have come my way.
Hugs sue