02 August 2006

Three Pictures which have just come back from the framers


Kathy said...

Oh wow Sue they look lovely. WEll done to your daughter on her first piece.

I have started the boys on it and will be posting pics of their first finishes lol, better lock up my stash from them rofl.

Hugs xxxxxx

Sue said...

Hi Kathy

Thanks, I have told my girls if they want to stitch as a hobby they are to buy their own stash lol
Well they are 19 & 17

Look forward to seeing your three pieces stitched

M said...

I voyeured your site via Kathy and I completely agree, your flowers are lovely!

Happy wknd!


esmeralda said...

Wonderfull. They are lovely!


Anonymous said...

These are great i have had them in mind to stitch for a while. Where you going to put them?

Sue said...

The florals have now been placed the lounge. We recently decorated the room in chocolate brown and creams and these pictures just compliment the room nicely.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments

Ideias de Trapo said...