08 March 2006


Well sorry not posted for a while but have been busy decorating, now waiting for my brother to come and plaster the ceiling, came last weekend but he was out gritting the roads so I sent him home as he was so tired. The living room looks such a mess but will be worth it in the end, have everything now order apart from the new TV.

As for my stitching I have been busy on that as well, have completed a couple of rr's which I have forgot to take pictures of apart from this one. (Jane's Mr Men) Such fun to stitch. I stitched it in one day, the reason being was that I was due at the dentist and needed something to take my mind of it. (Am petrified of the dentist, ok with checkup but not treatment)

Am busy stitching the door bow as well as stitching on my bearing gifts.

Have bought a couple of kits off ebay today, on of a Santa which I got for 59p yes 59p lol, and another door bow which I got for £3.84 not bad going, altogether with postage from the US it has cost me £6.93. Great bargain for kits.

Well enough for now.

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