09 January 2008

Not posted in a while

Sorry it's been so long in leaving any messages. So I hope you all had a good christmas and a happy new year. Things are back to normal now in this household. Hubby back and work and daughter back at college, although she only has a few months before she leaves. she has applied for university and hoping to study zoology. As for my stitching I have only recently picked it back up, I think I was all stitched out before christmas. I did stitch on this bag which my friend sent me for christmas.

Stitching plans for this year are

  1. 1. Summer Queen (just some beading to do)

  2. 2. Roadster Santa (WIP)

I am going to start the winter wonderland chart (see Pic) Have no other plans to start anything but watch this space LOL

1 comment:

claire said...

The colours in that winter wonderland piece is lovely, can see why you want to stitch it, but looking forward to seeing you finish the wreath for all seasons