03 March 2007


Well Andy's gone off to Great Yarmouth this weekend to be a referee for the inter county championship pool, so have been left all on my own with my youngest daughter. Eldest daughter has been staying at her boyfriends. So this morning Natalie and I decided to head off to the zoo, not been for a long time. Natalie was working there for three weeks last year as part of her Animal Management course. We had a lovely time the weather was lovely and warm although a little muddy under foot as it had rained during the night. I just wish I could bring the Meerkats and Otters home along with the apes well would love to own them all they are so cute. Twycross the zoo we went to has undergone a transformation since I last went and is looking great with new enclosures for the animals. Will have to visit again in the summer.

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Johanna said...

Great pics!! Glad you had such a lovely day :)